California State Assembly Member Eloise Reyes recently introduced AB 1510 and has championed its ability to extend the statute of limitations for sexual abuse survivors at California universities – specifically, those abused by former USC gynecologist George Tyndall. This allows victims of sexual assault to empower themselves as survivors, taking action against their abuser and having their day in court.

However, this bill leaves survivors from public universities out to dry. AB 1510 does NOTHING for students attending a University of California campus or a Cal State campus. This is no small oversight, and yet another example of wealthy students receiving special treatment and unfair privileges. California legislators should expand AB 1510, so that ALL Californian students can have justice.


The latest developments at UCLA show that this is not an isolated issue and it will continue to plague both California’s public and private schools until the right actions are taken.

AB 1510 as written specifically in favor of private school student survivors, leaving potentially thousands of survivors without a path to justice. Since Assembly Member Reyes is a USC alum, it’s no surprise that she prefers to protect her own.

It is our mission to correct this injustice and protect sexual abuse survivors from all California
institutions – including the public ones. Protection should never have a price tag.


Without reforming AB 1510, survivors at California’s 33 UC and Cal State system schools are unable to effectively seek justice. At a recent press conference supporting AB 1510, Aly Raisman was right to encourage others to empower victims of sexual assault. As a state, we should stand behind every woman courageous enough to come forward. But this is currently impossible through AB 1510.

Legislators MUST amend AB 1510 to ensure justice for all California survivors – not just those at private schools.


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